Amandine Mesh petticoat Beige ACQQFER

Amandine Mesh petticoat Beige ACQQFER

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Revamp your wardrobe favourites with Amandine's intricate underskirt.

50% polyester , 50% viscose

Did you know?

Viscose: used to be known as 'artificial silk' because like silk it has superb drape, is soft to the skin and can be dyed in rich colours. A man-made fabric, it's made from wood pulp and blends easily. You will often find it blended with other fabrics to add softness, lustre or absorbency (it's highly absorbent and so cool to wear in the summer).

Polyester: is something of a miracle fabric. A synthetic, it can be worn over and over without fading or losing its shape and is crease resistant. It works well in blends with natural fabrics such as cotton where it extends their life.

Amandine Mesh petticoat Beige ACQQFER